Catching my thoughts with a Lotus Prayer

via Catching my thoughts with a Lotus Prayer

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My Yin and Yang are off! By Theressa Mulkins

via My Yin and Yang are off! By Theressa Mulkins

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Catching my thoughts with a Lotus Prayer

Lotus Inspired Prayers by Theressa Mulkins

Embraced by the Lotus,  thoughts of compassion and grace are crossed in the hearts of many.  As the Lotus enfolds others with its beauty, it represents the life we uniquely go through.  The petals point to every direction wherever you go.  And through our prayers, we listen patiently or brace down through our storms.  In our tribulations comes forth the light. As we carry our suffering, the Lotus carries a symbol of grace and understanding of living in the depth of the murky pond that is stagnant.  Furthermore, it to blooms into the light where no mud attaches to the bud and clears it surrounding.  The water act as its companion, everlasting support and love no matter who we are.  Through this example, shows we find solace in prayers.

Water Encompassing Our Understanding

As the water encompasses and support the lotus flower,  it signifies through prayer our provider gives us hope and understanding through faith.  The Lotus flower has its own way of healing and is a strong symbol of spiritualism. The remains of its life  reminds us of the growth and strength that it bears through the  murky depth of the river.  Although, we cannot see the bud as it grows beneath, its beauty within holds fast through the depths in the water and brings forth the beautiful blossom to show us its  peace and happiness through its life span.   

Through prayers, it gives us strength inside.  In addition, we fear it may not be answered for we cannot see the sacrifices that we feel will go unknown.  The lotus flower growth shows shows persistence.  In addition to the Lotus flower, shows its beauty once it has reached the surface and embraces the light.  Through our prayers and persistence, we are uncovering out suffering which can bring us strength and rewards by our faith.  Our prayers may not seem answered at the time, but through diligence, we overcome our fears through our convictions through truth and understanding.

Grace through our Prayers

As I see the Lotus flower, it brings softness to my heart and happiness from it beauty.  I was once asked, “What is Grace?”  It was difficult to answer.  Through days of brainwork and reflection of what grace is to me, I came into conclusion that it was strength I was given and blessings given.  Transformation is what occurs to me as “grace”.  It was God’s endless love and understanding of my afflictions.  This was difficult to understand by the reason of trying to pinpoint the pain and understand why I am going through suffering.  The troubles I had endured was burdening and challenging by the reason that it was not easy to reflect back to my sufferings.  I did not want to see them.  However,  through contemplation and this difficult upstream, I continued to come to peace with myself.

The Lotus can symbolize grace through prayers.   The blossom presence is that of boundless compassion. The flower represents mercy.  In addition, the plant represents undefilement and blossoms without a blemish as it rises out of the darkness and transcends into the light.  The water encompasses the Lotus and bears support to stay afloat through our afflictions or trials which shows our father carrying our hearts endlessly for what we lack.

The strength of what the Lotus Flowers bears to emerge and transcend into the light gives us the understanding of the value of the place of spirituality it resembles but the prayer in practice.  Exploring the use of prayer between us and God brings understanding for searching a solution for our problems.  A process of healing and forgiving ourselves or others through prayer.  By drawing out our personal experiences, it brings forth our darkness to the light and our strength through prayer will overcome our fears.  The Lotus Flower brings symbolism with encouragement by faith, deep communication with God, a mutual understanding with yourself and see the beauty within yourself.  Finding solace in prayer and a divine beauty as the Lotus flower signifies gives us hope that our soul to blossom into the beauty that was given to us.


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